We drove to Texas….for a 2 day trip

Yes, that title is correct!  It took us 3 days to get there, spent 2 days, then it took us 5 days to get home!  Think we’re crazy….maybe so but it was so fun!  However by the 4th day driving home I was ready to be home!  Even if I don’t like home….

So what took us to Texas for 2 days?  Before we moved to Washington my in-laws were having hard times and the gas in their big quad cab Dodge hemi truck was killing them.  So we traded them our PT Cruiser for their truck.  Then my husband got the job at Amazon…..when he came to Washington for his interview he noticed that the parking spots in Seattle were not quite large enough for a truck of that size so we sold the truck and got him a Mini Cooper.  Perfect for Seattle, right?!

A year goes by and we get a call from the in-laws that the PT Cruiser broke down….turns out to be the timing belt.  We were still making payments on that car so we couldn’t just get them another car.  The plus side is the dealer we bought it from would give us a lower pay off if we traded it in there.  Downside…..they’re in Texas and we’re in Washington!  So after a few days of thinking what in the hell are we going to do we decided to sell my hubbs Mini Cooper here in Seattle, drive to Texas, get the in-laws a car, trade the broken car in for the hubbs to get a new car and drive 2 cars back.  So that’s what we did.  Crazy thing is I just got a new car the month before. […]

My husband the Great Father

Most Amazing Father Husband

So my husband’s birthday is June 7th then Father’s day follows soon after. I see all kinds of posts from people talking about how bad/stupid husbands and fathers are.  I’m here to tell you there are a few good ones out there.  But you can’t have my husband!

My husband never leaves the toilet seat up…ever!  It’s never even been a problem.  I’ve never told him once to put it down.  He aims quite well too!  Yah, maybe a little TMI but you get my drift.  He replaces the toilet paper roll (in the over direction) when needed!  He doesn’t hog the remote.  We decide together what to watch.  If we want to watch different things guess what….he goes to another tv in the house and we’re both happy.  He’s not messy…with the exception of his desk which is his desk….well and the garage.  And he cleans his desk up before visitors come too…on his own.

He loves all 3 of his kids with all his heart.  He will do whatever necessary to protect them and help them through obstacles in life.  He’s there for them.  I stay home with the kids.  But if one asks him to go on a field trip he goes.  Even though that’s what i’m home for!  He plays video games, board games, Lego’s, etc with them, intentionally too!  He gets up early with them one day out of the weekend for me to sleep in.

He is a devoted husband and father.  I couldn’t have asked for a better man.  Sure we bicker….but what husband/wife don’t over simple stupid things?!

If I don’t get my way I stop myself and think about all the things […]

Seattle People are Idiots

Stupid in Seattle


There I said it!!!  The amount of stupid people here amaze me more and more every day!!!  I’m really not kidding.

The drivers are my main complaint.  Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t nearly hit me or someone near me.  Even in parking lots people back out of their spot at the same time thinking the other will give up and let them go.  In the end they both drive forward and do it all over again.

And just because pedestrians have the right of way pedestrians still need to look for cars.  Sometimes us drivers don’t see you running/walking/strolling along then BAM…your in the street running and we’re doing 30-40 mph and YOU expect us to stop on a dime!

The non friendliness is so irritating.  The only people that are friendly are not from here.  And you’ll know who they are cause they’ll be the ones talking to you!

I look so forward to moving back to Texas.  My trip there in 2.5 weeks is going to be so nice…I’m definitely not going to want to leave!!!

How we talked about SEX with our 10 year old


So it was time to have the talk with our middle son.  My husband had the talk with my stepson when he was 8 and I really felt we waited too long with our middle son (he’ll be 10 in 1 week!).  So I found a book at our public library that I thought would be good.  Well it wasn’t.  It was FANTASTIC!!!  It was a real quick read so I knew it wouldn’t be too much or not enough for our son.  We had our son read it then we discussed it.  We went page by page and asked him questions to see what he knew and answered questions.  I was really surprised at some of his guesses. Some were right on and some were well wow….way off.

One thing the book doesn’t discuss is gay relationships.  Since we have friends that are gay and we live in a state where you see it a lot we added a little about that in the discussion.  We asked if he knew what gay meant and he said yes.  We obviously asked him what he thought and he was right.  We told him that you can have gay friends and not be gay.  We told him that we had gay friends and asked him if that made us gay, he said no.  We asked him if they were different than us and he said no.  We were very happy with his answers.  We told him that there are a lot of people out there that don’t approve of people being gay and you just have to ignore them.  We told him that we believe everyone should be able […]

Life in Seattle…..

So it’s been almost a year that I left my home state.  I’ve complained about many things…ok, well mostly the lack of good food here in Seattle.  So I thought i’d take a moment and talk about the good.

The scenery….OMG the scenery is fantastic.  I’ve spent all my life in Texas and all you see is oak trees and dead grass.  Here you see super tall evergreen trees, green grass, mountains and snow!!!!  Well the snow is a little drive away from home but still….real friggin snow, not ice!!

I’m heading back to Texas in May and there are 3 things we talk about.  1) It’s going to look so dull and flat to us.  2) Where are we going to eat first.  3) Lastly, man is it going to be hot!  And we question how much we’ll hate drivers back home because they really suck here.  We thought it was bad in Texas….maybe we just miss it a little.

This winter we’ve stayed home more than I would have ever stayed home if we were in Texas.  We’re still not totally use to the rain but we’ve got the rain gear we need now so we’re surviving.  But overall it doesn’t rain as much as we thought it would.  We came here expecting the absolute worst.  Just about every week we have a sunny day or 2 and it doesn’t rain all day like we thought it would.  Sure it’s cloudy and it rained in the morning and not the afternoon or vice verse.  Last week we had a storm come through so we had heavy rain but there were still breaks in the rain throughout the day.

So….so far we’ve been to the

Easy Crockpot Roasted Chicken

So with my son’s Crohn’s Diagnosis almost a month ago I’ve had to change a little bit of things around the house.  He’s discovered he loves roasted chicken and turkey but getting out at the end of the day to buy one to be warm for dinner is just about impossible during the week.  I’d seen several recipes online that were close to what I wanted but not exactly.

I decided to give it a go.  I’m so glad I did!!  My son said this is the best chicken ever….it’s my new favorite!!  He usually eats all meat with bbq sauce but he said this chicken didn’t need it at all!  That’s gotta count for something right?!


  • whole chicken, frozen or thawed (I used frozen, minus the bag of giblets in the chicken-I tossed them)
  • seasoning salt
  • chopped onion
  • 1 can chicken broth (I used a bullion cube with 1 cup of hot water)

Sprinkle a little of the onion and seasoning salt on the bottom of the crockpot.  Place chicken in the crockpot.  Cover the chicken with seasoning salt and onion.  Add chicken broth around the chicken (don’t pour on the chicken or you’ll lose your seasoning–if you do just re-season).  If your using a frozen chicken cook on high for 8-10 hours.  If thawed I’d cook on low for at least 6 hours.  About half way through the cook time I took some of the broth in the bottom of the crockpot and spooned some over the chicken. The meat will literally fall off the bone!  I had to use tongs to dig it out of the crockpot.

We served with buttered noodles, carrots, and a slice of bread.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

That Gut Feeling something’s wrong

You know that gut feeling something is wrong but the doctors keep telling you something different yet you just know it’s not right.  Well that’s what has happened to us.  Our 9 yr old Kennyth has had one heck of a bad month!  He started telling us about some stomach pains he was having and just like every normal parent we would ask when was the last time you pooped.  He’d tell us last night…or a few days ago.  So we’d say well you need to go and voila it seemed to work.

Fast forward a few weeks.  At the same time this was going on he was having ear ache after ear ache.  So after 2 months of treatment it was time for surgery.  A few days before surgery he was in so much pain from his stomach I made a doc appt to make sure he was ok and could go through the ear surgery in a few days.  The doc just said yah, he’s constipated and it could be nerves for the upcoming ear surgery.  Give him some extra fiber and miralax for few days to get things moving and voila….seemed to work.  So we went through all the ear surgery stuff and all of a sudden his stomach was back at it.

Fast forward a few more weeks and that’s where we’re at today.  We were talking about how he’s not getting any better at all and we want blood work done to test for diabetes, celiac disease, etc!  So the hubbs took him to our local hospital and they pretty much sent them straight to the Seattle Children’s hospital.  They start drawing blood, testing his urine, stool, etc. and they rule […]

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Being Evil and Not Following Through

Ever want to do something that’s not life threatening to someone but yet you totally want to do it?  Well…….I’ve always wanted to drive through a puddle and splash a person walking on a sidewalk.  Like get them completely wet ruin their day kind of puddle.

I say I want to do that….I’ve wanted to for a while.  Why, not sure.  I remember walking to school and it happening to me but not where I was completely drenched.  A few weeks ago I had that opportunity.  And you’ll be happy to know that I couldn’t do it!!!  I had picked my kiddo up from school and on the way home there was a puddle.  And kids…on a sidewalk!!  They just stood there too….like they wanted me to do it.  But I couldn’t.  Maybe me being in Seattle where it’s rainy a lot has changed my feeling on that.  Either way they went home a little wet (from the actual rain, not me) instead of a lot wet, lol!!

My point behind this post…..I am the reason these were invented!!  LOL!!!

Rain Shield

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Making your Elf on The Shelf posable

There are several tutorials showing how to make your elf posable.  Some require sewing skills.  Some require snipping but no sewing.  Well my instructions are as simple as can be and require no sewing or snipping of your elf.  I have 2 options as well, my version and the hubbs version.

Option 1 (my version)

The simple 5 minute instructions.

You’ll need:  wire (got mine at walmart in the DIY section-less than $2).  Your elf.  Wire cutters.

The simple posing elf is just making his arms and legs posable.  Cut pieces of wire to the length of his/her arms/legs.  Shove the wire into the seams starting at the toes/fingers.  It goes in super easy.  Make sure the end of the wire isn’t sticking out by either cutting it shorter or working it into the fabric.  Voila your done!  Seriously that’s it.






Option 2 (the hubbs version)

This option took about 30 min but it’s TOTALLY worth it!!!

You’ll need: the exact same needs as mentioned above.

The process is totally the same as above however instead of inserting the wire in the seams of the toes/arms it’s a bit different.  You’ll need wire the length of the elf’s torso to toes.  Start at the butt/leg seam and insert the piece going up the torso of the elf.  Then shove the rest of the wire down the elf’s leg.  Repeat on the other side and now his torso/legs are posable.  For the arms you’ll get a piece of wire the length of fingertip to fingertip […]

Christmas at The Castles


This time of year is my absolute favorite time of year.  The giving, the lights, the kindness, the joy in children’s eyes, and just being with family make me light up.  This year it’s different for us because we can not go home to Texas to be with our family.  It saddens us but at the same time it will be nice to stay in our jammies all day if we want to.

Every year we decorate the inside of our house as most do and do a little decorating outside.  This year I didn’t want to do much decorating because I really hate taking it down.  Plus this year I’m much busier than I was last year with my new Etsy shop and it took forever for us to even put the tree up.  But just like a friend of mine told me I would I did do all the decorating that I usually do.  And I’m glad I did.  It brightens my day to see my tree lit and the lights out on the house.

One of our traditions is of course The Elf on The Shelf.  I have a love/hate relationship with that little dude!  I love how the kids love Ralphy but I hate figuring out what to do with that little guy every single night!  A few other traditions are: we listen to Christmas music the entire month!  Watch Elf, Christmas Vacation, and Christmas Story about a 100 times each.  And drink as much hot chocolate as we can stand.

Every year we also choose two Angels off the Angel Tree in the mall.  This year, in Washington, we couldn’t find an Angel […]