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Well I figured it’s about time I explained my blog’s name.  When I was little I was a messy kid.  I was always spilling stuff.  So my parents started calling me messy jessi.  It’s funny because now I’m not so messy.  I hate to work in a messy place.  I like clean.  Plain and simple.

I like my house to be in order at ALL TIMES.  Everyone is in the habit (yes even the 3 kids) to clean up after themselves.  Beds are made daily and kids clean up toys before we leave the house/before nap/before bed.  I also have chore charts with daily tasks for the kids.  It’s not hard stuff but it’s what’s expected and they do it.  We do give them a little chump change in return.

I usually vacuum my house twice a week.  I do laundry twice a week.  My bathroom gets cleaned once a week unless its needed sooner.  The boys bathroom is cleaned twice a week.  Dishes are put in the dishwasher immediately, if full it is expected to rinse the dishes off and put in the right side of the sink.

So there you go.  I’m anal about how my house looks and i’m not really messy.  Kinda strange huh!  But what better name to go by than what my family called me by growing up and I craft…kinda fits in a weird way..