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Ever want to do something that’s not life threatening to someone but yet you totally want to do it?  Well…….I’ve always wanted to drive through a puddle and splash a person walking on a sidewalk.  Like get them completely wet ruin their day kind of puddle.

I say I want to do that….I’ve wanted to for a while.  Why, not sure.  I remember walking to school and it happening to me but not where I was completely drenched.  A few weeks ago I had that opportunity.  And you’ll be happy to know that I couldn’t do it!!!  I had picked my kiddo up from school and on the way home there was a puddle.  And kids…on a sidewalk!!  They just stood there too….like they wanted me to do it.  But I couldn’t.  Maybe me being in Seattle where it’s rainy a lot has changed my feeling on that.  Either way they went home a little wet (from the actual rain, not me) instead of a lot wet, lol!!

My point behind this post…..I am the reason these were invented!!  LOL!!!

Rain Shield

Not my Photo

Not my Photo