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So I’ve been cooking for many many years.  I’ve accumulated so many things that aren’t necessarily necessary but when you’ve used them for YEARS you can’t imagine life with out them.  Well that’s where I’m at right this very minute!!  Along with many other things you don’t think about needing until you do.

As you know I recently moved to Washington state for my husbands job (Amazon!!).  We are currently staying in corporate housing which is really a furnished apartment.  Sounds cool but yah…it’s just a place to live until you find your house in oh about 30-40 days so it  just has the necessary things you’ll need to survive…well basically.

So let’s start with the kitchen.  I have 1 of each of these- serving spoon, slotted spoon, ladle, & a spatula.  Seems fine unless you know how many of those I have and use on a day to day basis.  I have at least 3-4 of each of those!!  So I’m washing dishes at least 2 times a day.  Which isn’t a big deal except our hot water literally trickles out of the faucet!  And I can’t bring myself to run the dishwasher with 3 cups and serving spoons in it.  We do have 8 place settings of dishes and silverware…but yet again we go through so many forks in a day it’s ridiculous!  I miss the prep bowls too…I use them for sauces etc not really to prep what i’m cooking but it’s the little things you don’t think about.  Muffin tins….yah, those too.  Measuring spoons….had to pick a set of those up as well…ugh!

The bathrooms….oh the bathrooms!  Forget my luxurious soft plush microfiber bath mats….we have towels for rugs right now.  The ONLY nice thing about them is if the little kiddo pee’s on them it’s easy to toss in the wash (I’ve had to do that a few times already!).  The other thing is storage for the bathroom.  The counter around the sink is literally 2 inches bigger than the sink!  Totally weird for us.  But it’s not long term and I hit the Dollar Tree for some storage solutions and voila we’ll be ok!  Because of the hot water trickle issue it takes about 15 minutes to fill up the bath tub for the little kiddo….it’s annoying!

The laundry room.  Well I’m definitely not use to older machines anymore, lol!  They’re fine but when you open the dryer lint literally flys out at you!  The lint trap sucks big time.  And because of the hot water trickling issue it’s nearly impossible to wash anything on hot.  And since everything is packed I didn’t think about laundry baskets or hampers.  So off to Big Lots we went, problem solved…now i’ll have double, lol!

Can you tell I’m really irritated about the hot water trickle?!!  You can’t do more than 1 water related thing at the same time in this apartment so that’s really really irritating!  But I just gotta keep thinking…..1 month….1 month!!

The only other thing that’s irritating is the no a/c but I covered that in another post….so I guess what I’m saying is I won’t bore you there..