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So you know how I said a couple of weeks ago that I have a crazy life….once something starts going good it changes.  Well that’s happened AGAIN!!!

In less than a month we’ll be packing up and moving half way across the United States!!  We are currently located in Keller, Texas.  We will be moving to Seattle, Washington.  Yup, that’s right…you read that correctly!

My husband got a job with Amazon (yes that cool awesome website you order stuff from)!!  Since we rent our home it’s an easy move for us!  We’ll most likely drive it while all our stuff is being shipped to a storage unit in Seattle.  We want to drive it because well with our family we need a lot of stuff.  Even though flying and getting it over with would be nice but it’ll be our chance to make it an adventure.  We’ll get to stop look at things on the way that we’d never get to do if we didn’t drive it.

Stay tuned for our moving adventure!!

Our Journey

Our Journey