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So back in July 2014 we drove from Washington to Texas and back in 10 days!!  I wrote a post on the trip there and said to be continued.  So yah, I’m a little late.  Not like I’ve been busy or anything.


To see our trip to Texas click here.

So we left Texas and now that it’s months past I don’t remember everything.  Darnit!  But I will do my best to remember.  I do have lots of neat pics though.

So according to my pics we made it to Oklahoma!


A cool pic.  Where we were I have no friggin clue, lol!



HOLY CRAP look at the rain up ahead!!


So the one thing we wanted to see on the way home was The Grand Canyon.  And we got there too late to see it so we decided to hit Vegas (I’d never even seen it before) and go back the next day!  So here are our boring Vegas pics!






Then of course before we hit the road we got In and Out Burger.



So here’s a pic of my awesome travel trash can.  I use this trick all the time!  I try to bring a few with us but anytime we stopped at a gas station and bought stuff I requested a bag no matter if it was 1 or 2 items.  I have my reasons for everything.  I just loop the loop over the corner of the glove box and close it.  It’s a great trash can when your the solo driver.  It stays open for you too.



So we didn’t make it to The Grand Canyon in daylight again…..ugh.  Yup, that’s all we got to see folks.  We will be making this trip again.




The Grand Canyon Selfie!




After that adventure my feet were so swollen from eating sunflower seeds (my stay awake snack) so we decided to stay the night to give my feet some needed rest.  Yah, that’s crazy swollen!



And of course I had to do laundry.  I hadn’t used pay machines in well forever!



We made it to Oregon!  I know that because the sign tells me so.  LOL!!!


And we’re in Washington!  I had to zoom into this pic!



HOLY CRAP the house was hot!!!  Window units were not enough for that!



The hubs picked the pup up from the pet sitter and got him groomed.  He was happy to see one of us!




Then we got back to real life.  Laundry.



But we did get to bring back a small bag of heaven!  Love this bread!



Well that’s it folks.  Literally all I can remember.  It was fun.  If we can’t get back to Texas soon I want another road trip like this.  We love to road trip!