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Slowly getting the hang of Washington

So we’ve been here 2 months now.  It’s been sunny more than grey and rainy.  I know we came close to summer but I was looking forward to cooler weather.  It’s mostly been in the mid 70’s since we’ve been here.  Which is all fine and dandy if you have a/c!!  The humidity inside is really killing us!  We finally put our window unit in the upstairs living room and moved the roll around to the kitchen now (the stove really heats the place up!).  The kids seem to be fine in their rooms with just the windows open and a fan going but man is it stuffy in there.  Our room is really shaded by trees so it’s not so bad.  Of course we’d sleep better if it was cooler but that’s a whole ordeal of making a window unit fit in crank windows….not easy!!

So our first weekend that was kinda slow for us our kids got to play outside all of Saturday.  They had so much fun.  I’m trying to let them play outside more but I will admit the lack of cleanliness is driving me just a tad crazy.  But I want my kids to play and get dirty like I did when I was a kid….so I’m trying to embrace it.

Here are some pictures of my kids having some true outside fun.  Sprinklers, bicycles, popsicles, and a slug!!

Of course my 2 aren't looking at me!

Of course my 2 aren’t looking at me!

Gross slug!

Gross slug!

Homemade pudding pops....oh the love I felt!  And Jayson's 1st popsicle!

Homemade pudding pops….oh the love I felt! And Jayson’s 1st popsicle!

Riding his tricycle!  As soon as his training wheels (they got broke in the move) are replaced we're going to start riding that!

Riding his tricycle! As soon as his training wheels get replaced we’re going to start riding that!  


We’re in!

We are finally in our new house (remember we rent…so it’s not like a congrats is in order)!!!  The hubbs has been super busy putting furniture together for me.  I love it all!!  And once all the empty boxes are out of the rooms I’ll post a pic.

We did have a few mishaps with assembling the furniture though.  Overall it’s all fixable and parts are on the way (free too!).  It’s really crazy how hard this move was for us.  I mean after all we didn’t have to move anything so why on earth should it be so hard!?!?!  Well it’s because of me!  We all got new, good, real wood beds (something we haven’t had in years!!).  Then I gave my living room tables to Derryk (stepson) that stayed back in Texas (on his own!!) so of course I needed new!  I am finally rid of all but 1 furniture item I received from my in-laws…a lamp.  But dangit I like that lamp and it’s the only one that hasn’t broke so i’ll hang onto it.

Well that’s it for now!  I’m just glad to be at home with OUR stuff!!.