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Total Left Turn

Back in May I posted that we were building a home near Austin, Tx.  If you follow me on Instagram you know that we did not move into that home.  I am sad about it but I’m totally happy where we wound up.  Here’s the story of what happened.

Over the summer last year we went to my husbands grandfather’s funeral.  After, we went to a family members house and chatted for hours.  It’s then we realized we really missed being around family.  For weeks we talked about it.  So the hubs decided to just ask his boss if he could work from home and we move back home.  Lots of people do it at his company so we figured it’d be ok….and it was.  We decided to pull out on the house we were building, that was 2 weeks before closing.  Better than after though.

We spent a few weekends looking for a house in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We really wanted to be near family that lived near Dallas but Fort Worth has all our friends.  Yah, it seems close to those not in Texas but it’s really an hour distance or more with traffic and just isn’t one of those hop in the car in the afternoon to go to a friends house. We found a few houses in the Fort Worth area and were out bid every time.  In the end we wound up in the Dallas area near family, which was our goal anyways.  So it worked out.

It’s been a month since we closed on our house and I can’t tell you how happy I am!!!  Even friends on FB are noticing my mood change.  I’m just a family person!  I’m always here for anyone really.  We’ve made some friends in the neighborhood already too.  It’s nice to be home.