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Being Evil and Not Following Through

Ever want to do something that’s not life threatening to someone but yet you totally want to do it?  Well…….I’ve always wanted to drive through a puddle and splash a person walking on a sidewalk.  Like get them completely wet ruin their day kind of puddle.

I say I want to do that….I’ve wanted to for a while.  Why, not sure.  I remember walking to school and it happening to me but not where I was completely drenched.  A few weeks ago I had that opportunity.  And you’ll be happy to know that I couldn’t do it!!!  I had picked my kiddo up from school and on the way home there was a puddle.  And kids…on a sidewalk!!  They just stood there too….like they wanted me to do it.  But I couldn’t.  Maybe me being in Seattle where it’s rainy a lot has changed my feeling on that.  Either way they went home a little wet (from the actual rain, not me) instead of a lot wet, lol!!

My point behind this post…..I am the reason these were invented!!  LOL!!!

Rain Shield

Not my Photo

Not my Photo