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So we had some red eared slider turtles that we recently got rid of.  We replaced them with some fresh water fish.  Why…because we’re stupid!!  Keeping that tank up is the devil.  We’ve had them 3 weeks and have already had to return a fish because he was fighting one so bad that we now have to nurse him back to health….a fish!!!


Then cause I thought we needed to make things harder I got a puppy.  Not an adult dog…..but a friggin puppy!  Luckily his 2.5 lbs of cuteness saves him, lol!!!  We’re crate training him and so far we’re doing good but we are having fewer accidents.  I do have to re-wrap a Christmas present already….darnit!!


So yah…there’s my rant about us being stupid!  But the fish are neat and the pup is freakin adorable and we all love him!!.

Piling it on high

Well this last week I was super busy.  Busy with Christmas decor, party planning, and car shopping.  We got the decor done.  The party happened successfully.  But the car shopping was a no go.  I just can’t part with that kind of money right at the holidays.  So we decided to wait until February maybe even May of next year to get me the car I want.  So with all that taking place last week I was just swamped (yah…piled it on high).  We were out and about 3 nights last week and it totally wrecked my kids schedules.  In the end we were frustrated and things fell behind at the house.  I had a Pampered Chef Party happening Friday night and getting things together for that was just time lost.  But I was able to bust through all of it clean the house Thursday night and Friday morning and the party happened w/out issue.  I even got the hubbs to put a few Christmas lights on the house!

So this past weekend came and went as fast as it usually does but I swear it was faster.  Saturday we lounged until early afternoon then decided we’d better take the kids to see the ole jolly guy.  While were were out we hit a few stores for some quick Christmas shopping and we were suppose to go to Friday’s for dinner.  After all it was free…..we’d had a bad experience about a month ago and they sent us $30 in vouchers.  Well after having to waste time to see Santa, Best Buy, and Walmart the kids had had it.  We were not getting Friday’s.  So instead we went home (oh it was about 7:00 already) fed the kids, threw them in bed.  We sat down on the couch to watch a movie and we were so exhausted we decided to go to bed within a few minutes of relaxing.

Sunda as we were wrapping presents (that we were suppose to do Saturday) a calendar reminder had gone off for my Wilton class that was to start today!!  I was NOT ready!  I’m not usually unprepared bu this year I have been nothing but unprepared at every turn.  I can’t stand it either.  I think the problem is i’m trying to please everyone and do a little of everything.  So for the next few weeks I’m taking it slow.  I have a puppy and a kid to potty train so my days will be spent at home as much as possible this December.  But to all my friends and family—you can come see me.  😀.