Flowers, Cemetery Visit, Politics, and my new Keurig!

So today was a very odd day!  First off it was the 6 year anniversary of my mom’s passing so this morning started off with tears.  After I took the little one to school the middle kiddo and I headed to the cemetery.  I explained to him that we needed to go put flowers on my Mom’s grave and the first thing he asked was what her favorite flowers were.  She loved yellow roses so I knew we had to find some!  Luckily the Kroger that I go to near the cemetery had a rainbow assortment of roses and the package just so happened to have 3 yellow roses in it.

Kennyth and yellow roses

We arrived and visited all the family that we knew the location of….so much sadness.

Mom's Grave

My Mom's Parent's (Granny and Pawpaw)

Uncle Bub (Dad's brother)

Mimi Margaret and her husband I never met (dad's parents)

After we put a rose on all the family plots we went to the actual funeral home to visit my Aunt Mary…..she works there.  It was such a nice quick visit…..I can’t wait to spend more time with her.  We’re just all so busy….that’s the downside to growing up I guess.

Now to the strange part of my day.  On March 19th I heard there was a food park […]

My Mom 1955-2006

My mother Carolyn Sue Pitts (aka-Sookie) was born on September 6, 1955 and passed away at the age of 50 on July 19, 2006.

A few days from now it will be the 6th anniversary of my mom’s passing.  She was 50 years young and the best mom/friend anyone could ask for.  Six years ago I was 26 yrs old, married, had a 13 yr old stepson and a 2 yr old son.  The day before my mom passed (July 18th) I remember getting a call from my uncle telling me I needed to get to the hospital right away that they’d been there for a while and wondered where I was (the hospital did NOT call me like they were suppose to so I had no idea it was “time”).  I left work immediately and made sure my husband could get off work early and get the little one from daycare along with all the other things that needed to be taken care of that night.

I get to the hospital and the entire family is there…..except for my brother and those that lived far (not many).  So obviously the time was coming.  My brother arrived that evening and he and I sat there for hours.  About midnight I decided to go home and get some rest.  I’d been up at the hospital just about every day so I was exhausted.  Since we didn’t know how soon she’d pass I wouldn’t go up there until around 8 so I could put the little on in bed.

The next morning (July 19th) I get up early and send the little one off […]

Laundry Rant

M is for Mom not MaidSome of you know that I’m a clean freak and very organized and if you didn’t you know now, hehe!  If I’m not organized or do not have a plan I seriously can not function.  That’s just how I was raised….I definitely followed my momma in that department.

So…there are a few rules I have about laundry.  And I’d like to share them with you all.

1) I DO NOT EVER check pockets!  If I find it I throw it away or I keep whatever it may be….ya know like money, I keep money!!  (I found a $50 in a pocket once…that was awesome!)

2) If it’s inside out you get it back…on your floor.  I don’t have time to fix the clothes.

The main reason I have these rules is because there are 5 people in the house.  Most of the time I do laundry Wednesday’s and Sunday’s if I checked pockets it’d take me forever.  Same thing with turning clothes right side out.

Not only does this benefit me it helps the kids gain responsibility.  If they treasure what’s in their pockets they’ll check them.


Something else you should know….I’ve NEVER lost a sock.  I may have freaked out not being able to find one a time or two….but I found it in the end.


Never lost a sock


There….that’s my laundry rant..