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You know your a mom when…..

Well we went to a pizza place for lunch today and let’s say it was a bit messy.

My 4 yr old had breakfast super early and hadn’t snacked so when we finally got around to eating lunch at 1:00 he told my husband that his tummy was hurting.  So my husband said well take a drink of water.  I snapped my head towards him and gave him the big eyed shaking head saying NO!  He was like why, he’s fine.  So he drank water.  We arrived at the pizza place about 15 min later (we’d been in the car all morning btw).

We get in the joint, get our pizza and sit down when he wants his water bottle from the car….not water from there but the car!  So my husband went to retrieve it and I was holding him because he was just fussing.  Then I heard the burp.  I immediately set him down and there it was.  He’d gotten so hungry and car sick that he threw up all that water my hubbs told him to drink.  So how do you know your a mom….well I knew it was about to happen so I grabbed his shirt and used it as a bowl.  Since it was straight water it soaked up nicely.  Strange thing is no one…and I mean no one saw what happened.  The place was as quiet and normal as if it’d never happened.  So I changed him in the bathroom, washed up, and we went back to eat.

Then tonight as he was getting undressed for a bath he tossed his diaper at me (like he normally does along with his clothes–our game to get him in the bath)….and I smelled it.  Yes, he tossed a diaper at me that had poo in it!

What a crazy bodily fluid day it was today..

Family Pictures 2012

We had our family pictures done the other day at The Picture People.  I was so excited…I did all the normal crazy stuff I do to get everyone ready.  I had to make sure everyone had matching clothes, shoes, etc.  So I got to get a little shopping done.

This year we decided to go with a grey, white, black, and teal theme.  And it just so happened that we all wore stripes too.

This is MY FAVORITE pic out of them all.

Family Photo

I was so pleased with this session but I do wish they would have used more of a prop than a Christmas tree and gift boxes.  But I guess they save that for little little kids.

Here are a few others.



And I can’t wait to post the pic of our Christmas Card….we didn’t do a traditional card, lol!!


Behind the name MessiJessi

Well I figured it’s about time I explained my blog’s name.  When I was little I was a messy kid.  I was always spilling stuff.  So my parents started calling me messy jessi.  It’s funny because now I’m not so messy.  I hate to work in a messy place.  I like clean.  Plain and simple.

I like my house to be in order at ALL TIMES.  Everyone is in the habit (yes even the 3 kids) to clean up after themselves.  Beds are made daily and kids clean up toys before we leave the house/before nap/before bed.  I also have chore charts with daily tasks for the kids.  It’s not hard stuff but it’s what’s expected and they do it.  We do give them a little chump change in return.

I usually vacuum my house twice a week.  I do laundry twice a week.  My bathroom gets cleaned once a week unless its needed sooner.  The boys bathroom is cleaned twice a week.  Dishes are put in the dishwasher immediately, if full it is expected to rinse the dishes off and put in the right side of the sink.

So there you go.  I’m anal about how my house looks and i’m not really messy.  Kinda strange huh!  But what better name to go by than what my family called me by growing up and I craft…kinda fits in a weird way..

Busy Bee…

Well the holidays are upon us and I’ve just been buzzing around.  I’ve gotten a lot done and still have a lot to do!  I’m trying to get several crafts done so that when my crafts start selling I’ll be ready. If you have nothing to do this holiday season, then you may consider fx trading online for France.

I started with ornaments.  I did the mop n glo/glitter technique and WOW…that’s awesome!  Then I added vinyl on them.  Well I tried anyway.  Every time I tried to cut my vinyl the blade would just shred it.  I tried all the cleaning techniques that I found online and nothing worked!  I was livid.  I’ve only had my Silhouette for a few months (out of the box for only a month).

So I tried a new blade and voila!  I was back in business….of course this took me and entire 24 hours to get accomplished.  So after all that I was able to get 4 ornaments done today (in about 3 hours).  So after a day of getting work accomplished, cleaning my house, and having a wonderful pulled pork sandwich dinner I was suppose to get a little more work done.  So instead I cleaned up my work space.  I’m now totally ready to dig in.  I just can not work in a messy space.  Funny, I know…since my site is messijessi.

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been working on lately.  Next up….making more burlap wreaths!!

Custom Chargers MsManskecrayonwreath Mopnglo/glitter Christmas Ornaments.

Opportunity Knocked On My Door

They say when one door closes another one opens.  Well, when becoming a mother again closed on me this amazing opportunity presented itself….and i’m am ecstatic!!

I had posted some photos of my crafts on my personal facebook page and was contacted by a friend asking if I’d like to be involved in a small business promo for the holidays for an organization she’s involved with (Sponsor Adoptions, Inc).  At first I wasn’t sure I could do it.  Not because of my time or the thought that I might not sell anything.  I was actually afraid that I’d not be able to keep up with orders.  So I guess that’s a good outlook, right?  Well after a few hours worth of thinking it through I decided that I’d get involved in their Holiday Promo.  The funny thing is that morning I was talking to my husband about selling cake balls for extra cash this holiday season.  So i’m not doing cake balls, lol!  Sorry friends!!

I am extremely excited about this opportunity.  I’ve been making wreath’s and crafting on and off for years and have tossed the idea of selling my crafts but to get to actually do it is just wonderful!!

The next awesome thing is in December I’ll be taking my first Wilton Course at Michaels!!  I know alot already but I hope this class will fill in the holes and make me better!

Here are a few of my favorite new items!  For a better glimpse of my products visit my facebook page!

Burlap Wreath Paper Mache-painted with a hammered silver Nap Time Sign-vinyl.