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I am a clean and organizational freak!!  I like my house clean and in order.  I do the cleaning and laundry when needed and even write down our weekly dinner plans on the fridge (love that the kids can read it now…no more what are we having for dinner chats).

My day begins at 6:30 in the morning and usually ends around midnight.  Although I’m not that busy during the day I’m pretty busy shuffling kids around to/from school/work so that actually takes up more time than anything.  My 3 yr old goes to an Early Learning Center (for his Autism) and has to be there at 8am and gets out at 11am.  My 7 yr old is in 2nd grade and has to be at school at the same time (hubbs takes him to school on his way to work).  My 18 yr old works at Kroger and has a different schedule every week.  Then you know the drill once everyone’s home it’s snack, homework, play, dinner, baths, and bed!

Once the kids go to bed I find myself doing the things around the house that need to get done (only I find that they need to get done though) or I stay up watching movies with the hubbs.

Speaking of my hubbs….his name is Bryan and I love him very much!  I know I don’t show it as much as I probably should but that’s where the shocker comes in….I’m NOT a romantic (people seem to think I am…not sure why).  Sure I like flowers occasionally but I’m more the person that likes to play around and tease..