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M is for Mom not MaidSome of you know that I’m a clean freak and very organized and if you didn’t you know now, hehe!  If I’m not organized or do not have a plan I seriously can not function.  That’s just how I was raised….I definitely followed my momma in that department.

So…there are a few rules I have about laundry.  And I’d like to share them with you all.

1) I DO NOT EVER check pockets!  If I find it I throw it away or I keep whatever it may be….ya know like money, I keep money!!  (I found a $50 in a pocket once…that was awesome!)

2) If it’s inside out you get it back…on your floor.  I don’t have time to fix the clothes.

The main reason I have these rules is because there are 5 people in the house.  Most of the time I do laundry Wednesday’s and Sunday’s if I checked pockets it’d take me forever.  Same thing with turning clothes right side out.

Not only does this benefit me it helps the kids gain responsibility.  If they treasure what’s in their pockets they’ll check them.


Something else you should know….I’ve NEVER lost a sock.  I may have freaked out not being able to find one a time or two….but I found it in the end.


Never lost a sock


There….that’s my laundry rant..