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So we had some red eared slider turtles that we recently got rid of.  We replaced them with some fresh water fish.  Why…because we’re stupid!!  Keeping that tank up is the devil.  We’ve had them 3 weeks and have already had to return a fish because he was fighting one so bad that we now have to nurse him back to health….a fish!!!


Then cause I thought we needed to make things harder I got a puppy.  Not an adult dog…..but a friggin puppy!  Luckily his 2.5 lbs of cuteness saves him, lol!!!  We’re crate training him and so far we’re doing good but we are having fewer accidents.  I do have to re-wrap a Christmas present already….darnit!!


So yah…there’s my rant about us being stupid!  But the fish are neat and the pup is freakin adorable and we all love him!!.