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So this past weekend was a fantastic HOT weekend.  Mid 80’s and no AC made for some grumpy people again.  But we were also driving around in the car with AC (yay!) looking at houses.  We also took a break and went on a tour of Seattle.

We’ve been looking at rent houses and such….they want so much money upfront it’s ridiculous!!    But they also come with all appliances, which is totally weird for us.  And kinda sucks since we just paid off our brand new washer and dryer and have a brand new fridge!  We’d save them but they’ll just rot in storage and because every rent house has them (pretty much required here in Washington) it’s not like we’ll need them anytime soon.

So I’m freaking out about where we’re going to live because the extension was NOT approved to the end of the month.  So we have to be out on the 20th…and the hubbs doesn’t get paid from his first check until after that date.  See….reason i’m silently freaking out!!

We found 1 house that we really really like but it’s so tiny that it’ll have a hard time fitting beds in the bedrooms.  And my 9yr old accidentally broke a spindel on the stair case in this house….and they left the hubbs a real shitty message yesterday so now we’re kinda like do we go forward or pass cause is this how they’ll be if something breaks in the house.  We know it was an accident, the agent saw it happen and knows it was an accident, and my kiddo was so upset about it you could see it was an accident.  We’re still going to pay for it…but it’s not like he was going crazy!

We did like another house but the owner is the one that cares for the property and he’s totally weird.  He kept giving us directions instead of an address to put in our gps….he’s just weird.  So we’re like….do we proceed with him or will he just be weird the entire time.  I mean you get vibes from people and the vibe wasn’t good.

So yah, we’re still looking.  But there just aren’t that many houses available.

So after being in the car all day Saturday and Sunday we decided to go to a Food Truck Fest in downtown Seattle.  Well……we get there and found it was closed that day.  UGH!  Seriously!!  We wound up going into a McDonalds and sitting by some strung out druggies.  After that we decided to go on a tour of Seattle.  We heard the best way to do it is with Ride the Ducks of Seattle.  It’s a 90 minute land and water tour.  Our captain was fantastic and we participated in all the craziness that the Cross Chartering Yacht Transport had to offer and we were on the best boat EVER!!!  We had people from all over the world and they just didn’t get the humor in it and were quiet most of the time.  But we had fun and that’s what matters.  So much fun that we actually didn’t take but these 2 pics before the tour!  Guess we’ll have to go again to get some pics!

ducktour quackers