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Well let’s see.  August.  If you’ve followed me from the beginning this will make sense.  If not I’ll catch you up supa fast.  We moved to Washington from Texas.  It’s hot in the summer here and most houses have NO AC!  Ok, that’s it.  Your caught up.

So with no AC in the house and me hating our neighborhood and school I wanted out of there!  I found a house on CL.  Contacted the realtor and she said it was rented but I have these two.  I liked both but one was my favorite for many reasons. Oh, btw we rent…we have our reasons and one day we’ll maybe buy a house but definitely not in Washington.  So back to the house.  One ad said it had AC!  So of course we wanted to see that one first.  It was perfect….for me.  Big 2 story, 5 bedroom, located in a culdesac, park literally across the culdesac, and yes this is the one with AC….so we thought but I’ll get back to that soon.  The other house was super nice too but not as super….to me.  The hubs didn’t like the location of the 1st house.  We’d heard bad things about the new city I was looking at but there aren’t many cities with new houses and all the other houses here are old, ugly and suck. He liked how big the 2nd house was.  I really did too.  It had enough room for us to bring my MIL up here to live with us.  You could fit a dresser in the entry way as a side table.  But….it was on a busy street.  Kitchen was small and mediocre compared to the 1st house.  And I wanted nice nice.  The first house had granite kitchen counters and so much more that was nice.  So in the end we went with the house I wanted.  I really had to put my foot down.  And I’m so glad I did.  As we talked to the realtor I’d mentioned the ad said it had AC.  So since it didn’t she added it for us and raised our rent a small amount.  I can do that!!  So we had AC, a park, a culdesac, a nice yard, a nice house like i’m use to back home in Texas…I was happy.

We had a month to get situated before school started.  So the boys made friends and that was great.  They played outside every day and that was awesome too!  We’ve met a few of our neighbors but we rarely see them.  We live in a  one street neighborhood.  Most people work and during the fall/winter/spring seasons it’s rainy here (in Washington…WHAT!?).  So most people stay inside.  We all wave at each other though.  I can’t wait until this summer though.  A whole Washington Summer (they’re awesome here btw…well if you have AC it is!!)!!

School soon starts and I have a 5th grader and a Kindergartner!! Where did the time go?!

Here are some pics of the house.  This is the house before we moved in.  I love the backyard.  And I want the prior owners patio table, lol!