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Well the holidays are upon us and I’ve just been buzzing around.  I’ve gotten a lot done and still have a lot to do!  I’m trying to get several crafts done so that when my crafts start selling I’ll be ready.

I started with ornaments.  I did the mop n glo/glitter technique and WOW…that’s awesome!  Then I added vinyl on them.  Well I tried anyway.  Every time I tried to cut my vinyl the blade would just shred it.  I tried all the cleaning techniques that I found online and nothing worked!  I was livid.  I’ve only had my Silhouette for a few months (out of the box for only a month).

So I tried a new blade and voila!  I was back in business….of course this took me and entire 24 hours to get accomplished.  So after all that I was able to get 4 ornaments done today (in about 3 hours).  So after a day of getting work accomplished, cleaning my house, and having a wonderful pulled pork sandwich dinner I was suppose to get a little more work done.  So instead I cleaned up my work space.  I’m now totally ready to dig in.  I just can not work in a messy space.  Funny, I know…since my site is messijessi.

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been working on lately.  Next up….making more burlap wreaths!!

Custom Chargers MsManskecrayonwreath Mopnglo/glitter Christmas Ornaments.