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Life in Seattle…..

So it’s been almost a year that I left my home state.  I’ve complained about many things…ok, well mostly the lack of good food here in Seattle.  So I thought i’d take a moment and talk about the good.

The scenery….OMG the scenery is fantastic.  I’ve spent all my life in Texas and all you see is oak trees and dead grass.  Here you see super tall evergreen trees, green grass, mountains and snow!!!!  Well the snow is a little drive away from home but still….real friggin snow, not ice!!

I’m heading back to Texas in May and there are 3 things we talk about.  1) It’s going to look so dull and flat to us.  2) Where are we going to eat first.  3) Lastly, man is it going to be hot!  And we question how much we’ll hate drivers back home because they really suck here.  We thought it was bad in Texas….maybe we just miss it a little.

This winter we’ve stayed home more than I would have ever stayed home if we were in Texas.  We’re still not totally use to the rain but we’ve got the rain gear we need now so we’re surviving.  But overall it doesn’t rain as much as we thought it would.  We came here expecting the absolute worst.  Just about every week we have a sunny day or 2 and it doesn’t rain all day like we thought it would.  Sure it’s cloudy and it rained in the morning and not the afternoon or vice verse.  Last week we had a storm come through so we had heavy rain but there were still breaks in the rain throughout the day.

So….so far we’ve been to the Pike Place Market a few times and I love it!  Lots of little unique shops to visit, sights to see, and plenty of coffee to drink.  We’ve took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and that was neat!  We’d never been on one before.  If you ever have time to go definitely put that on your to do list.  The Seattle Aquarium is about as pretty normal as an aquarium gets.  We got the membership thinking with the rain coming (cause everyone kept warning us) we thought it’d be a good place to spend weekends when we’re stir crazy.  Well……I don’t suggest buying the membership.  We’ve been twice and that’s only because we bought the membership.  Once you’ve seen it it’s kinda over.  I wish we’d have gotten the zoo membership.  We’ve been to the Woodland Park Zoo and that was cool!!!  There weren’t as many animals as we’re use to in Texas but it’s like hiking in the woods but your in the city.  If you go before many dry days (a few weeks of summer under your belt) I’d wear shoes that can accommodate mud.  Not all of the path’s are paved like you’d think.  We’ve also been to the Pacific Science Center and we can’t wait to go back!  I’m hoping to go again this coming weekend.  We got the membership and it’s definitely worth it!


Now for the fun near Seattle but not in the dirct city of Seattl.  We’ve driven around Mount Rainier and driven through the mountains that lead up to the big white mountain and gosh is that a beautiful drive!  I want to go w/out the kids or I suppose when they get older I’d love to go again.  They just don’t appreciate it like we do.  But seeing the hidden waterfalls, ravine’s, and the neat curvy roads will take your breath away.  We love going to Auburn to shop at their SuperMall.  When we mention it people look us like we’re insane but when you come from an area that has an abundance of shopping and you find that similar shopping spot in a new area you tend to just go.  It feels normal to us.  There is even a big super Walmart there….which is rare here!  I would have never thought they would be so rare here but they are!  We recently went to a snow park.  Yup….never heard of those before moving here!  You’d think you could just go play in the snow and go home but they have actual parks here.  At first I was like really you have to pay?!  But when you think of why it makes sense.  Number 1 reason is safety!  They make sure it’s safe to play there.  They set off controlled avalanches and when you hear that it’s like oh….yah, wouldn’t want to be caught in a surprise avalanche if I can help it. Number 2 reason…..heated bathrooms!!!!  That’s a big deal when you have to pee man!!  I’d never sledded or ski’d in my life….had no idea how that was going to be.  OMG OMG OMG that was the most freaking fun I’ve ever had…seriously!  I want to go again soon.  I might be the only one but I could totally be a professional sledder….is that even real, lol!!  Another beautiful place to go is the Tulip Festival that’s held every spring.  We went there very soon after arriving here and I hope to go again this year.  Although the kids will not give a care in the world about it.  One of the best zoo’s I’ve ever been to is in Tacoma.  It’s just a short drive but totally worth it.  Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is yes a zoo and an aquarium….the aquarium alone is freaking awesome!!!  I had so much fun and can’t wait to go there again!!

I’m sure i’m missing something but there are definitely up sides to living here.

Seattle Aquarium

Woodland Park Zoo

Mt Rainier

Skagit Tulip Festival

Skagit Tulip Festival2

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma2

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma3


Well if you know me personally you know I’m afraid of very little but the things I am afraid of I’m totally afraid of!  The bugs i’m afraid of are Roaches and Spiders.  I can’t handle either…end of story…at all!

Other than those awful things sand and mud are another total enemy for me.  I use to do ok with sand but something changed.  When I was younger I was a total tom boy.  I was never inside and was always getting dirty.  I was married once before my now husband and we were always at the farm or lake.  I think when we divorced I left all my outdoor adventures in the past, lol.  I think my now husband has citified me too much….and I’m not ashamed to say I like it, lol!!

When we decided to move to Washington the one thing that worried me was the mud.  Now that we’ve been here 5 months we’ve noticed that most area’s don’t get that muddy.  There are spots and we steer clear of them but for the most part it’s just damp….but the rainy season hasn’t really started either.

So for my bug fear we’ve had a huge spider problem in the house.  It was unoccupied for a bit before we moved in so I suppose they decided to take over.  No worries though…..they are dwindling down.  I’m not sure if it’s the cool weather that’s keeping them out or if our pest control is actually working.  Either way I’m happy to be seeing less.

My  9 yr old was invited to a birthday party at a park.  It’d been raining pretty heavy a few days before so of course I was a little freaked out.  Not only was it a park but it was a laser tag party….for boys….with mud….see my freak out point there?!!  Luckily it wasn’t too bad and we survived!!  He had a blast and I was prepared with towels and trash bags in the car.  Yah, I might have over planned that!

All in all I’m getting use to being out in the soggy Washington air and I actually like it…..well not grocery shopping part.  I don’t like the groceries wet, lol!  My asthma doesn’t like the mugginess but what can I do.

Missing Texas

So the homesick set in yesterday.  I’m not sure exactly what set it off but I definitely felt it.  And I don’t like that feeling.

I suppose when you live in one state for 32 years there are things that trigger your memory and make that “at home” feeling….well so far away.  So to help me stay a little close to Texas I made a decal for my car.  I’m in LOVE with it!!

I know one day I’ll be able to go visit but I don’t think it’ll be in the next few years.


Slowly getting the hang of Washington

So we’ve been here 2 months now.  It’s been sunny more than grey and rainy.  I know we came close to summer but I was looking forward to cooler weather.  It’s mostly been in the mid 70’s since we’ve been here.  Which is all fine and dandy if you have a/c!!  The humidity inside is really killing us!  We finally put our window unit in the upstairs living room and moved the roll around to the kitchen now (the stove really heats the place up!).  The kids seem to be fine in their rooms with just the windows open and a fan going but man is it stuffy in there.  Our room is really shaded by trees so it’s not so bad.  Of course we’d sleep better if it was cooler but that’s a whole ordeal of making a window unit fit in crank windows….not easy!!

So our first weekend that was kinda slow for us our kids got to play outside all of Saturday.  They had so much fun.  I’m trying to let them play outside more but I will admit the lack of cleanliness is driving me just a tad crazy.  But I want my kids to play and get dirty like I did when I was a kid….so I’m trying to embrace it.

Here are some pictures of my kids having some true outside fun.  Sprinklers, bicycles, popsicles, and a slug!!

Of course my 2 aren't looking at me!

Of course my 2 aren’t looking at me!

Gross slug!

Gross slug!

Homemade pudding pops....oh the love I felt!  And Jayson's 1st popsicle!

Homemade pudding pops….oh the love I felt! And Jayson’s 1st popsicle!

Riding his tricycle!  As soon as his training wheels (they got broke in the move) are replaced we're going to start riding that!

Riding his tricycle! As soon as his training wheels get replaced we’re going to start riding that!  


We’re in!

We are finally in our new house (remember we rent…so it’s not like a congrats is in order)!!!  The hubbs has been super busy putting furniture together for me.  I love it all!!  And once all the empty boxes are out of the rooms I’ll post a pic.

We did have a few mishaps with assembling the furniture though.  Overall it’s all fixable and parts are on the way (free too!).  It’s really crazy how hard this move was for us.  I mean after all we didn’t have to move anything so why on earth should it be so hard!?!?!  Well it’s because of me!  We all got new, good, real wood beds (something we haven’t had in years!!).  Then I gave my living room tables to Derryk (stepson) that stayed back in Texas (on his own!!) so of course I needed new!  I am finally rid of all but 1 furniture item I received from my in-laws…a lamp.  But dangit I like that lamp and it’s the only one that hasn’t broke so i’ll hang onto it.

Well that’s it for now!  I’m just glad to be at home with OUR stuff!!.

One Month Later…..

Well it’s been a month since we moved our entire lives across the United States.  Overall we like it!  Especially the weather.  We still wish we had AC but whatever!

One week from today (May 31st) we move into our home we hope to call home for a few years.  We rented our house in Texas so of course we wanted to start off that way here.  We do hope to eventually buy.

The new house has 2 living rooms and 2 dining rooms….something we haven’t had in a few years.  I’m definitely looking forward to making the 4th bedroom into my craft/guest room.  At first I wanted just a guest room but seriously how many of our family/friends are actually going to come to Washington…probably not many.  So I think I’m going to get a futon and go that route.  The hubbs is really looking forward to having his own man cave too!  So I guess technically I’m getting a woman cave….well maybe woman cave castle, lol!!!  Cause you know I decorate all the other rooms too, lol!!!

We’ve also got to buy all new bedroom sets for all of us and decorate it with ideas from Just DIY Decor.  We sold everyone’s back in Texas knowing we’d be able to get new here (a little perk :D).  We’ve already picked out what we want just gotta get that first paycheck from Amazon to go get it!

I’m uber happy about being able to use my own washer and dryer!!  All the rent houses (but this one) have them in it already.  I’ve had mine for a year and just paid them off the week we moved here.  So yah, i’m a little excited about that!

So a little update on us and not just stuff.  The hubbs is liking his job really well.  Kennyth is getting harassed by a little girl at school.  She sprays glitter perfume on him and he’s been really upset about it.  I let it go but he got in the car the other day and WOW was that stuff strong!  So I asked him if he wanted me to talk to his teacher.  He said yes and she told me she’d handle it, phew!  But I told him if by Tuesday of next week she’s still doing it to let me know and I’ll park the car and take that crap from that little girl, lol!!  But seriously I will have no problem going to that level and I might not be so nice about it.  Jayson is loving all day school.  I’ve had a few issues with pottying at the school but I sent an email off and I hope to get that resolved very soon.  I am doing pretty good….just ready to have our stuff (oops, I said this is about us not stuff).  I thought I’d be able to at least catch a nap at least once since Jayson started school but that has yet to happen.  With us getting the house I’ve had to make calls and run errands and i’m just ready to relax.  I suppose it’ll happen about the time school lets out (June 19th) and I won’t be able to nap.

Well that’s it for now…so far a month has been good.  We’ve celebrated a birthday (Kennyth’s) and a wedding anniversary (duh-ours!) up here…soon another birthday (the hubbs)!!