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Well if you know me personally you know I’m afraid of very little but the things I am afraid of I’m totally afraid of!  The bugs i’m afraid of are Roaches and Spiders.  I can’t handle either…end of story…at all!

Other than those awful things sand and mud are another total enemy for me.  I use to do ok with sand but something changed.  When I was younger I was a total tom boy.  I was never inside and was always getting dirty.  I was married once before my now husband and we were always at the farm or lake.  I think when we divorced I left all my outdoor adventures in the past, lol.  I think my now husband has citified me too much….and I’m not ashamed to say I like it, lol!!

When we decided to move to Washington the one thing that worried me was the mud.  Now that we’ve been here 5 months we’ve noticed that most area’s don’t get that muddy.  There are spots and we steer clear of them but for the most part it’s just damp….but the rainy season hasn’t really started either.

So for my bug fear we’ve had a huge spider problem in the house.  It was unoccupied for a bit before we moved in so I suppose they decided to take over.  No worries though…..they are dwindling down.  I’m not sure if it’s the cool weather that’s keeping them out or if our pest control is actually working.  Either way I’m happy to be seeing less.

My  9 yr old was invited to a birthday party at a park.  It’d been raining pretty heavy a few days before so of course I was a little freaked out.  Not only was it a park but it was a laser tag party….for boys….with mud….see my freak out point there?!!  Luckily it wasn’t too bad and we survived!!  He had a blast and I was prepared with towels and trash bags in the car.  Yah, I might have over planned that!

All in all I’m getting use to being out in the soggy Washington air and I actually like it…..well not grocery shopping part.  I don’t like the groceries wet, lol!  My asthma doesn’t like the mugginess but what can I do.