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I recently updated my kids chore charts.  My 5 year old just got his printed chore chart this past week and we’ve successfully completed one week!  I’ve had him doing chores but nothing was set and he was asking for a chore chart so after his 5th birthday I decided it was time.

I found this super cute chore chart online that works great for us!  For my youngest son I did have to alter it a bit and add pictures since he’s autistic and pictures definitely help since he can’t read yet but it’s the same chart.  I put X’s in the circles on the days they don’t need to do the chore and they check off the chores they’ve done.

I gave my youngest son (now 5 yrs old) the chore of swiffering the floors and it’s so funny cause he wants to do it every day!  He doesn’t do a great job but he does a good enough job to understand what he’s doing.  He also helps stock toilet paper throughout the house, helps with laundry-mostly getting the baskets and moving doggie gates for us to carry it all downstairs, brush his teeth, make his bed-the best he can but with my help, and clean up all his belongings before bath/bed time.  So far he’s doing fantastic with it.

So in addition to chore chart changes going on my middle son has been wanting to walk home from school.  He’s actually always wanted to but some schools were just a little too far for our comfort or it didn’t work with our schedule.  The location of our school and house here are perfect for it.  It’s pretty much a straight shot but we’ve had a bit of crime in our neighborhood lately that now I don’t feel all that safe in our neighborhood.  So I told him I’d let him walk down the street from the school to a closed grocery store parking lot.  It’s literally right down the street.  He crosses the street from the school via 2 adult crossing guards and walks a short .2 miles to the next crossing guard and i’m in the parking lot right there.  He’s seen by the crossing guards the entire way and I can see him before he crosses with the last crossing guard.  It helps give him his freedom and keep my mind at peace.

The kids are also liking playing outside more and more.  With the highs being in the low 70’s lately it’s been real nice.  As long as they get their homework and chores done they can play outside until dad gets home.  We’ve had a few busted lips, skinned knees, and tears but I’m glad they’re getting to experience it w/out the Texas heat.

It’s also time to up the 9 yr old’s chore difficulty…..but I’ve got time…..I think, lol!!