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I’ve been using a little mason jar for my youngest son’s “piggy bank” for a while.  There are two problems with that.  One, I have to handle it anytime he puts change in it because it’s breakable.  Two, It was ugly!  Sure I could have cutened (yes that’s a word, lol) it up a bit but why for such a short term thing (well it was suppose to be short term).

I decided it was time!  So with my container, scrapbook paper, letter stickers, and mod podge in hand I went to work.  This project took me all of 10 minutes!  It’s cute and my 3 yr old can hold it when he puts his own money in now!

Adding the paper wrapped bread crumb canister Stickers added Coin hole Toy Fund bank






First I washed the canister and let it air dry.  Then I cut my scrapbook paper to size, used mod podge to adhere it to the canister (elmers works too–used it before for a project like this), stuck my stickers, cut my hole (big enough for a quarter to fit), and it’s now on display in my son’s room (up high of course–I don’t need him choking on a quarter!).

Easy, cute, and it works!.