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So our 2nd day here we ventured out to the big city of Seattle.  Wow was I wowed!!  I know that pot is legal here but to see people just smoking it on the lawn and walking around with bongs was quite surprising!  Homeless people on corners asking for money or weed was also a site to see.

As we walked through the Public Market we saw many flower shops all selling my favorite flowers (Tulips!!) for cheap cheap!!  As we continued we saw something we’d ONLY seen in the movies a fish toss at a fish market!  They said something, tossed a giant fish to a person behind the counter, then yelled something else.  It all sounded so fun!

We also got to witness a bicyclist crash….real hard!  I don’t know what the deal was but he was coming down a hill so fast he yelled out “Oh Shit”, ran the light, nearly got hit by a car, then crashed at the bottom of the hill.  So many people ran to him we couldn’t even get there to help so we just went on about our way but wow!  The hubbs thinks the guys breaks went out but who knows.  All I know is it sounded like his timing was off.  He did get up btw and seemed somewhat ok.



Public Market.