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So it was time to have the talk with our middle son.  My husband had the talk with my stepson when he was 8 and I really felt we waited too long with our middle son (he’ll be 10 in 1 week!).  So I found a book at our public library that I thought would be good.  Well it wasn’t.  It was FANTASTIC!!!  It was a real quick read so I knew it wouldn’t be too much or not enough for our son.  We had our son read it then we discussed it.  We went page by page and asked him questions to see what he knew and answered questions.  I was really surprised at some of his guesses. Some were right on and some were well wow….way off.

One thing the book doesn’t discuss is gay relationships.  Since we have friends that are gay and we live in a state where you see it a lot we added a little about that in the discussion.  We asked if he knew what gay meant and he said yes.  We obviously asked him what he thought and he was right.  We told him that you can have gay friends and not be gay.  We told him that we had gay friends and asked him if that made us gay, he said no.  We asked him if they were different than us and he said no.  We were very happy with his answers.  We told him that there are a lot of people out there that don’t approve of people being gay and you just have to ignore them.  We told him that we believe everyone should be able to love whomever they want.

If your looking to discuss sex with your kiddo whether you have a boy or a girl I believe this book is a great place to start.  I was really nervous and it went so well having something there in front of the both of you with the terms and pictures you needed to discuss it without looking like a goob.  And it’s so much better when you have confidence in front of your child.  If gives them the confidence to talk with you and not be nervous.