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So we’ve all heard of the Mom intuition.  Long before you have that baby your told you’ll just know because your mom.  Well recently I knew my little one was getting sick.  But not real sick.  Just allergies.  I have terrible year round allergies.  So I kinda know these things.  Sure enough my son’s nose wouldn’t quit dripping/running and he felt miserable.  Not the normal snotty nose kid run…this is like a faucet.  Like mine.

Nothing stops it.  NOTHING!!  We can reduce our down time by taking NyQuil (during the day–not DayQuil), kleenex stuffed in the nose, and laying at a slight incline.  But no shot or allergy medicine will stop this.  It’s a nose curse i’m sure of it.

When you have this kind of drainage it literally beats you down.  It’s strange.  People don’t understand and for years when I was in the work field it was hard for my bosses to understand it.  About once a month my nose would do this.  If I stayed at work my production was low and it lasted for days unless I stayed home for 1 or 2 days.  I’d have to get up and wash my hands constantly, clean my desk of the tissues, and clean the tissue lint off everything.  It was horrible.  Oh and I took daily allergy meds…even tried shots.  This drainage makes you feel like you have the flu.  So imagine once a month feeling like you have the flu.  Everything aches, your not hungry, your going through boxes and boxes of tissues (remember this is only a day or two i’m talking about here…not a week!), your sneezing, coughing from the drainage in your throat, and your nose becomes raw and red.  So it’s much easier to reduce those symptoms by staying home propped up, on NyQuil, with kleenex sticking outta your nose.

So when my youngest sons nose started dripping the other day I knew what was coming.  I made him stay home from school…on pajama day!!!  He was sorta cool with it cause I made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  He stayed propped up on the couch, on Children’s NyQuil, Claritin, and yes he had his own little trash bag and a box of kleenex.  By 3pm that day he was feeling much better!  And he went to school the next day.

So here’s what made me want to write this post.  The day he got sick I was tired.  I’m talking about T I R E D!!  For about a week I was going to bed by like 2am, getting up at 6:30am, but not even sleeping all night (hubs has sleep apnea…his machine has been keeping me up a lot lately), and being busy all day.  So I was sooooooo tired that I was dizzy and nauseous.  When my son kept sniffing snot back into his nose I had was literally so frustrated I said come here and let me help you blow it.  As soon as he blowed the tissue felt like water had hit it.  Then it happened.  I jumped up and kicked into gear.  My tiredness completely went away.  I was in Mom Mode.  I was explaining it to my husband and he said it’s that Super Mom thing ya know.  I’m like I guess.  He’s like no really…..there’s something that Mom’s can do when you have to.  I was kinda like hmmmm, guess so.  So there ya go.  It’s true…Mom’s have killer intuition and superpowers.