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So for the past month i’ve been working in my office on my son’s Mickey Mouse birthday party.  I tried to sneak down there but a few times I was caught by the kiddos.  Don’t get me wrong I’d tell them i’m going to my office to work but I’d make sure they were busy with something before I went.  I’d at least get 45 min of steady work done doing it that way.

Of course they wanted to do stuff in there while I was.  But my desk had my computer on it and my craft table had the projects I was working on.  If they worked on the floor the dog would eat the paper so they used the top of a crate I had in the room.  It’s funny because they didn’t care as long as they got to be creative and the dog didn’t’ eat any paper….they were fine.

Funny thing is they really weren’t “creating” anything.  They are fascinated with the paper cutter and that’s all they wanted to do.  So I gave them old ugly scrapbook paper that I won’t use for anything and they cut and taped and cut and taped.  They had a blast and that was good enough for me.  I hope it’s one of those things they remember when I’m old that was one of their favorite things to do….was to cut paper while mom worked.

creative kids