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They say when one door closes another one opens.  Well, when becoming a mother again closed on me this amazing opportunity presented itself….and i’m am ecstatic!!

I had posted some photos of my crafts on my personal facebook page and was contacted by a friend asking if I’d like to be involved in a small business promo for the holidays for an organization she’s involved with (Sponsor Adoptions, Inc).  At first I wasn’t sure I could do it.  Not because of my time or the thought that I might not sell anything.  I was actually afraid that I’d not be able to keep up with orders.  So I guess that’s a good outlook, right?  Well after a few hours worth of thinking it through I decided that I’d get involved in their Holiday Promo.  The funny thing is that morning I was talking to my husband about selling cake balls for extra cash this holiday season.  So i’m not doing cake balls, lol!  Sorry friends!!

I am extremely excited about this opportunity.  I’ve been making wreath’s and crafting on and off for years and have tossed the idea of selling my crafts but to get to actually do it is just wonderful!!

The next awesome thing is in December I’ll be taking my first Wilton Course at Michaels!!  I know alot already but I hope this class will fill in the holes and make me better!

Here are a few of my favorite new items!  For a better glimpse of my products visit my facebook page!

Burlap Wreath Paper Mache-painted with a hammered silver Nap Time Sign-vinyl.