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Teachers and Picture Projects

So in the same week both my kids at 2 different schools have come home with a project where they need pictures.  Ummmm, who prints off pictures these days?!!  You?  Oh well not us!!  Seriously every time we have one of these projects I have to go through all my photos and either print out at home wasting tons of ink or send to Walmart to get the 1 hour (yah, I do that option).  And….AND the kids have to help pick the pics so yah, that’s not quick!!!

Don’t get me wrong…….I’m totally fine with the project but at least give us a 2-3 weeks!!!  It’s not as simple for some as it might be for others.  Luckily this time one kiddo’s isn’t due until the end of November so PHEW and thank god for that teacher!

Ok…rant done now!!!  Guess I’ll be digging into my picture folders tomorrow with the munchkins!