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Stupid in Seattle


There I said it!!!  The amount of stupid people here amaze me more and more every day!!!  I’m really not kidding.

The drivers are my main complaint.  Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t nearly hit me or someone near me.  Even in parking lots people back out of their spot at the same time thinking the other will give up and let them go.  In the end they both drive forward and do it all over again.

And just because pedestrians have the right of way pedestrians still need to look for cars.  Sometimes us drivers don’t see you running/walking/strolling along then BAM…your in the street running and we’re doing 30-40 mph and YOU expect us to stop on a dime!

The non friendliness is so irritating.  The only people that are friendly are not from here.  And you’ll know who they are cause they’ll be the ones talking to you!

I look so forward to moving back to Texas.  My trip there in 2.5 weeks is going to be so nice…I’m definitely not going to want to leave!!!