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We’ve been here a week and 2 days now and I’m realizing a few things I miss.  #1- Air conditioning!!  #2- Mrs. Baird’s bread!  #3- Big Walmart’s

I know some of you are like it’s in the 50’s why on earth do you need A/C?!!  Well when you get moving around in an apartment it gets hot and muggy quick!  I’ve opened the windows/doors and since the wind doesn’t really blow into our apartment it takes forever to cool off!  The heat pretty much runs once a day in the house….cause it heats it up for an entire day!  Luckily we’re only here for a month and I hope I can deal with it that long….it’s only getting warmer outside so I dunno.

Oh the bread!  The soft Mrs. Baird’s bread back home…oh how I miss the!  Being near Fort Worth where the softest bread around was made and delivered daily to your local supermarkets is something you don’t think about missing.

Big Walmarts are not really around here.  We saw 2 super Walmart’s this past week when we were out exploring but they’re so far away it’s crazy….like hours!!  We do have a Neighborhood Walmart about a mile from the house and they have a little more stuff than a Neighborhood Walmart in Texas.  Fred Meyer (Kroger) is big here as well as Safeway….so we’ll see how they all compare eventually.

For the most part things are as normal as normal gets for us.  I’m not buying many spices because all mine are in storage and I don’t want to buy them only to have double in our house here in a month.  So for dinners I’m having to make easy stuff that doesn’t require spices to add.  It’s weird and surprisingly hard to come up with dinner ideas (so if you have any ideas PLEASE let me know!)!

A lot of people keep asking about my allergies.  In Texas I suffer from allergies year round.  I don’t expect that to be the case here.  I’m having a few issues but nothing like what I’m use to.  So i’m very grateful for that!  I’ve been out in flower fields, forests, the city, etc and even though i’m on my medicine I’m not really having many issues.  What a nice change that is!!