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Well we went to a pizza place for lunch today and let’s say it was a bit messy.

My 4 yr old had breakfast super early and hadn’t snacked so when we finally got around to eating lunch at 1:00 he told my husband that his tummy was hurting.  So my husband said well take a drink of water.  I snapped my head towards him and gave him the big eyed shaking head saying NO!  He was like why, he’s fine.  So he drank water.  We arrived at the pizza place about 15 min later (we’d been in the car all morning btw).

We get in the joint, get our pizza and sit down when he wants his water bottle from the car….not water from there but the car!  So my husband went to retrieve it and I was holding him because he was just fussing.  Then I heard the burp.  I immediately set him down and there it was.  He’d gotten so hungry and car sick that he threw up all that water my hubbs told him to drink.  So how do you know your a mom….well I knew it was about to happen so I grabbed his shirt and used it as a bowl.  Since it was straight water it soaked up nicely.  Strange thing is no one…and I mean no one saw what happened.  The place was as quiet and normal as if it’d never happened.  So I changed him in the bathroom, washed up, and we went back to eat.

Then tonight as he was getting undressed for a bath he tossed his diaper at me (like he normally does along with his clothes–our game to get him in the bath)….and I smelled it.  Yes, he tossed a diaper at me that had poo in it!

What a crazy bodily fluid day it was today..